First of all, I want to warn you: I am not an expert, I do not have a degree in psychology or any other discipline that comes remotely close to it.

I am just a person who has read (and still reads) a lot of publications on personal development, self-help, psychology / psychiatry, in order to deal with different wounds and problems encountered in the past.

Occasionally, singer, actress and author, I want to make this website a window on my world.


Mezzo / Mezzo-soprane / Soprane


Declamation with Christian Labeau and Catherine Nowak

Theater with Rosalie Vandepoortaele, Julie Verleye and Sylvie Maladry

Music theory lessons and classical singing with Diana Gonnissen

Preparation of the 'spoken voice' with Myriam Beukens

Singing workshops with Olivier Ceux, Christophe Postal and Pierrette Laffineuse

'Clown' and 'Masks' training with Christophe Herrada

'Dubbing' training with Justin Douilliez

'Face camera' training with David Mathy